Jaggery Lapsi/Daliya (Broken wheat sweet dish)

Gud ki Lapsi can be introduced to baby from eight moth of age.It is made of wheat daliya, Jaggery water and small amount of ghee. Dry fruits(Cashew-raisins) are optional. If you are preparing this for babies then do not put dry fruits as the babies will not able to chew them. But you can add some cardamom powder. This will beneficial for them as this solid food will help them to gain weight. To fill up their empty stomach and this will introduce wheat in their diet. You cannot give a 8 month old baby roti as they do not have teeth to chew it properly, but this daliya lapsi is made of broken wheat and it is very soft, so they can enjoy it without their teeth. You can give this in the afternoon lunch around 12-1 pm or in the dinner 8-9pm. This will fill their tummy for longer duration and they will sleep better. This will introduce a sweet taste. If you are giving your child sweet for the first time, do not expect that he/she will like it in very first time. Try for 2-3 days once in a day. He/she will gradually start liking the taste as the taste buds are yet developing. Initially some babies are on mother feed do not gain more weight, but once the solids food is started they will start gaining weight. So don’t panic. Mother’s milk is the best for the babies and that should be given as long as mother and baby both wants it. I will give you an idea about healthy weight gain recipes that you can give to your baby once you start the solids .
  Step by step : RECIPE GUD KI LAPSI/SWEET DALIY Step1 : Roast daliya in a pan till color changes to golden brown Step2 : Put water in a pressure cooker, heat it and put jaggery (gud) pieces and melt it in hot water Step 3 : Put the roasted daliya in the pressure cooker Step 4 : Pressure cook on high flame and wait for first whistle and After first whistle pressure cook it for 7-8 minutes on sim flame. than wait for pressure release. Step 5 : Once the pressure is released completely open the cooker and check it. Daliya should be soft and this indicates it is cooked completely. Step 6: Roast cashews and raisins in one spoon of ghee and powder the cardomom. Step7: Take the ghee in the pan,put the daliya in that,put cardomom powder and roast it for 2-3 minutes Your lapsi is ready to eat for the baby or even elders Step 8: Put roasted cashews and raisins in it. **Note: If your baby is more than one year old,then only do step 8 otherwise avoid it for small babies Video Explaining step by step recipe
    Buy 2L Hawkins pressure cooker from amazon. You can cook small quantities quickly.

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