Kids Favourite-Paneer Chilli Dry

Kids in their age of growing,needs a lot of protein and Paneer is very good source of Protein and calcium also.It is loved by children and if you prepare yummy recipes with it ,then they will just love them.So why to wait,cook with me-kids favourite paneer-chilli dry. As I am cooking for kids,I always use less spices and less chilli.If you want more spicy food,then … Continue reading Kids Favourite-Paneer Chilli Dry

Learning Shapes with playing

A child early years are the best time, when you can start to teach him different things while playing, like different colors,shapes,numbers and letters. Every child loves to play and we also enjoy while playing with them. Each child is different in some ways,everyone differs in the level of understanding,everyone likes some sort of games,some like puzzles,some like clay,some like wooden toys etc.But everyone likes … Continue reading Learning Shapes with playing