Bajra Khichdi

Bajra is also known as pearl millet.It is very popular in winters in north India. Rajasthan is the highest millet producing state in India. It is the primary food for the local villagers. It is also known as Kambu in Tamil. Bajra is rich in vitamins, Irong, Magnesium, Zinc and calcium, it is also gluten-free and loaded with fibers and protein. Millet like Jawar, Ragi and Bajra were part of the Indian main diet earlier, which use to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease but slowly with industrilisation in food industry wheat flour and refined flours like Maida replaced these millet. Bajara is having lower Glyicimic index and high fiber content which helps in slow release of sugar in the blood stream. So it is good for diabetic patients.

Bajra is beneficial if given to babies also in the form of khichdi, rabdi or halwa. It is also very good for weight gain in babies. It is very nutritious and easily eatable without having their milk teeth. You please make sure while making dishes of bajara you cook it completely for babies.

Step by step recipe for

Ingredients :1 bowl bajra(pearl millet) 3/4bowl moong daal,1 liter water,salt to taste

Step 1: Wash the moong daal and soak for about 1/2 an hour

Step 2: Wash the bajra and drain the water completely and let it be dry

Step 3: Grind the bajra in mixer

Step 4: Put 1 ltr water in a heavy bottom pan and bring heat it

Step 5: Put grinded bajra and moog dal in it,salte to taste and stir continuously,until boils

Step 6 : Then the khichdi start to be thicker

Step 7: Once boiling start,keep the flame low and stir for about 20 minutes .

Step 8 :After 20 minutes check it,whether all the daal is softened and is completely mixed with the bajra.

Step 9: Your khichdi is ready to eat


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