Bajre(Pearl millet) ki Rabdi

Bajra is also called pearl millet. It is popular choice of millet during winters. It is eaten in the form of Bajra Roti, Khichdi , Halwa and in form of Rabdi. Rabdi is basically made of Bajra Ata and butter milk. Bajra we can also use as the alternate of wheat, in the winters. Glycemic index of pearl millet is lower than the wheat. So it is also good for diabetic person. At the same time is also a fantastic food choice babies as well. For babies it can be consumed in the form of rabadi or khichdi.

Ingredients required: Bajra(pearl millet),buttermilk and salt to taste

Step by step recipe :

  • Step 1.Take 1/2 bowl of Bajra(pearl millet),wash it and drain the water completely and let it dry for 15 minutes
  • Step 2: Put this whole bajara in grider and make a fine flour.
  • Step 3. Take homemade curd and make buttermilk
  • Step 4: Mix the bajra flour into buttermilk and put salt to taste
  • Step5: It should be liquid because while cooking it will be thicker and its consistency should be like a soup in the starting
  • Step 6: Boil it on medium flame and Stir continuously for 15-20 minutes
  • It is ready to eat for young babies, serve it as soup.
  • Step 9.(additional): If you are cooking for adults then you can take a spoon of ghee, heat it ,put cumin seeds and whole red chilies and put it in the Rabdi

Recipe Video for Bajre ki Rabdi


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