Baby Food

In this series we are presenting various dishes which can be eaten by the infants (more than 8 months old),toddlers and kids and they will like these dishes, if you give them variety at different times through out the day

A baby is fully dependent on mother’s milk for the first six months of his/ her life. Mothers milk can not be compared with any other food or formula milk.

But with the growing age (after initial six months) baby requires more nutrition than only mothers milk. We generally start with formula milk along with some fruits like Bananas, Apples, Chiku, Grapes, Pomogranate, Pear. Then alongside we starts some kind of solid foods after the age of six months like we can add some kind of grains like wheat floor, bajra (pearl millet) floor, Jau (Barley), Jowar, Ragi and pulses also. The best pulse to start with is the moong daal which is suggested by doctors also and the Rice water.

In the starting baby taste buds are being developed. So we have to try different types of tastes for the babies. But one food should be given for at-least a week. Then only you will be able to find whether baby likes it or nor.

As previously the baby was only on mother’s feed, so we can’t expect from him that he will like any other taste more than that, but gradually he starts liking other tastes. So introduce him with different tastes patiently one after another.

Give him sweet taste of juggery in your lapsi,Rava kheer, give him the taste of salt in moong daal khichdi, bajra khichdi and some sour taste which you find in Rabadi.


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