Suzi(Semolina) ki Kheer

Suzi is also known as Rava and Semolina. It is generally one of first solid food which is introduced to babies first time. It is very easy to digest and a young child can easily swallow it (without teeth). It can be made salty or sweet. In both the forms one has to make it in little liquid form so that a child can eat it with spoon and no need to chew. Here I am going to make Suzi kheer which can be easily started at the age of 6 months, when introducing solids to a baby for the first time. It is very tasty and can be prepared quickly. A child’s first tooth may appear starting with the age of 6 months and it will go on upto the age of 3 years when all the molars comes. Every child feels difficulties in his/her teething phase. Sometimes he stops eating solids, sometimes loose motions, sometimes fever, sometimes cranky or sometimes teething happens withouts your notice, it depends on the child. Each child is different. With my personal experience as a mother of two, child feels a little bit relief if you massage on his gums, give him a cucumber or carrot to bite. It will help her to massage on the gums. But he will like to eat the food which does not require any chewing, even in the age of 2 or more when the molar teeth is about to come he may stop eating suddenly. sometimes we do not realize that why child is not eating well and is cranky? suggest to check his / her gums, whether there is inflammation, then give her the food which contains solids but doesn’t require chewing and satisfy her hunger. tithers also helps in soothing the pain. You can also give carrots after keeping it in freeze for some time. cold carrot may relieve the itching in gums. In this series I will suggest you recipes of 1.Suzi ki kheer 2.Bajre ki Rabdi 3.Makka ki Rabdi 4.Nachni(Sweet and Sour) 5.Soups 6.Jau ki Rabdi Here is the Step by Step Recipe of Suzi ki kheer
Step1: Put 1 spoon ghee in a pan and roast the suzi / rava till it changes color from white to brownish. Step2: Put milk in it and stir continuously till it start boiling. Step 3: Add sugar in it and stir mix it and stir it. Check the consistency, if your baby is 6-8 months old, then it should be thinner more liquid, so that the baby can easily swallow it. Otherwise you can make it semisolid, so that it satisfy the baby’s hunger Your Suzi ki kheer is ready to eat. Spread it in a flat bowl to cool down, then serve your baby. Always check food temperature before serving it to kids.
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