Learn Basic Shapes

Learn basic shapes with Toy called “Shapes Sorter” and “Megnetic Slate” watch video

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Fisher Price doodle pro Slim

The Doodle Pro Slim from Fisher price (magnetic slate) is an excellent production for kids 3 to 4 years who are holding pencil first time or learning basic shapes first time. It is robust and very easy to use. The board works on magnetophoretic display concept, basically the pen nib is made of megante and it attracts tiny magnetic particals present under white display and makes the line behind megenitic nib.

For kids the slate also comes with multiple shapes (as you can seen in above video) rectangle, circle, star and triangle. you may also generate easy to make drawings quickly which the help of these shapes. Even older kids from 5 to 7 years also enjoy playing and learning with the slate.

This is an excellent communicating tool too, Interesting fact is since this slate doesn’t use any liquid ink, this also works under water, and it is commonly used by divers for passing small text under water. It can also be used for communicating with patients who has good eye site but difficulty in hearing.

There is another interesting toy which is called “shape sorter” used for learning different kinds of shapes, kids can feel and visulise actual shapes in front of them.

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Playskool Shape Sorter