Kids Favourite-Paneer Chilli Dry

Kids in their age of growing,needs a lot of protein and Paneer is very good source of Protein and calcium also.It is loved by children and if you prepare yummy recipes with it ,then they will just love them.So why to wait,cook with me-kids favourite paneer-chilli dry.

As I am cooking for kids,I always use less spices and less chilli.If you want more spicy food,then you can add more chillies,accordingly.

  • Ingredients
  • Onion 1
  • carrot-1
  • cabbage-1 bowel
  • capsicum-1
  • tomato -1
  • ginger-1 inch(grated)
  • garlic-(4-5 cloves)
  • chili-1(less spicy one)

chop all the vegetables in length

Here is step by step recipe

1-Take fresh paneer(Homemade will be very good option)

2.Marinate Panner into 1bowl refined flour+1 Spoon Corn flour+1/2tsp salt+1/4 tsp black peeper for 1/2 an hour,till then saute all vegetables

3.Take 2-tbsp oil in a pan and add grated ginger and garlic in it.Then saute onions

4.When onions turn to transparent,add vabbage,carrots,and capsicum

5.Add salt as per your taste and cook for 4 minutes

6.After the vegetables are soft,add tomatoes in it to prepare gravy

7.In another pan,fry the Paneer and then add in the gravy

8.Saute paneer in the gravy for 2 more minutes,then add 1 tsp-soya sauce and 1tsp vineger

9.Garnish with green coriander,your Paneer Chilli dry is ready to serve

Here is step by step recipe vedio


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