Pearl Millet Porridge(Bajra Halwa)

Pearl millet is the most widely grown millet in India.It has been the major source of food for local villagers.This crop can be grown on low fertile land and has tolerance to difficult growing conditions like drought also.It is summer annual crop.

Bajra also known as pearl millet is very nutritional also.

  • It is gluten free
  • It contains insoluble fibers
  • Good for diabetic person as it releases sugar slowly in the blood as it digest slowly.
  • It regulates cholesterol ┬álevel in the blood

We can also include Bajra in kids diet as it is also rich in protein. So it can be a perfect baby food.We can prepare different recipes of pearl millet like Bajra Khichdi,Bajra Rabdi,Bajra Halwa etc.Here I am giving step by step recipe of Bajra Halwa.

Step 1: Bake the bajra flour in ghee
Step 2:Take equal amount of jaggery and 3 times water.
Step 3:Melt jaggery in water
Step 4:Add this water to baked Bajra Flour
Step 5:Again roast it till ghee separates and add cardamom and Dry fruits if you like.


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