Vrat (Fast) special food

Vrat or Fast is having an important Role.It is done by people who is having faith that a fast is accompanied by their prayers for good health and wealth of their family members.

In India people keeps Nine days fast in Navratri,it is celebrated in Gujrat ,in Kolkata,in Asaam and other different cities with a diversity in celebration.In Gujraat daandiya is celebrated in these 9 days,in Kolkata Durga Puja is there main festival in these Navratri days .In Maharashtra Ghat Sthapana is done in these days.So different people celebrate in different ways, but generally during Navratri fasting in these nine days many people only eat fruits and the vrat specific dishes.

So here I have prepared some recipes named

1.Water Chestnut(Singhada Flour) and Alu Paratha

2. Sabudana( (tapioca pearls ) Vada

3.Dry fruits,Dates Laddu

4.Dhaniya (Coriender seed) laddu

5. Amaranth (Rajgira Dosa)

6. Water Chestnut(Singhada Flour) Lapsi(Pudding)

7. Sabudana( (tapioca pearls )-Groundnut Uttapa

Here is the link for these recipe playlist

So I thought to prepare something special for these fasting days.So here I am attaching my recepies for fasting special food


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