Dosa Pizza(Its Yummy)

Pizza is liked by kids.If you are planning to arrange a small party then it can be a good option.It is usually having a flat base made up of wheat baked bread. But here I am trying different variety in its base. I am using a “Dosa” Batter to make Pizza’s base. Dosa is one of the most popular dish in India. It is made of Rice and Urad Daal (gram pulse). It is healthy fermented food. It is protein rich and offer good amount of minerals, iron, calcium and vitamin C to our body. So regular intake of such food also helps in increasing immunity. You can make different Varieties of Dosas and here is one which I am sharing with you.

1. Prepare Dosa Batter:

Sock the ingredients (1 Bowel Gram pulse + 2 Bowel Boiled Rice) for whole night and then Grind it in a wet grinder for a pouring consistency. Here i am using elgi ultra wet grinder 1.25 liter capacity which is sufficient for a family of 4 people. I am using this product for past 3-4 years regularly and i am quite satisfied with this. If you don’t have this then you may consider buying this from amazon

Once the grinding is completed, then Keep aside this batter whole night and and it will get fermented. Its volume will become 1.5 times the original batter after fermentation, so take a bigger bowel which is half empty after you pour the batter. Also note fermentation depends on temperature as well, if you are in a cold part of the country then it may take little longer while in hot part of the country fermentation will taken only 4 to 6 hours. After fermentation Dosa batter is ready to use.

2. To make it more healthy you can add as many vegetables on dosa pizza as you want. Keep your Grated cheese, chopped vegetables of your choice ready. It can be corn, paneer, capsicum, tomatoes, onions, mash-rums, olives etc.

3. Here I have taken Sweet corn, Onion, Capsicum and Tomatoes, Saute them in butter and and keep aside

4. Now to make Dosa Pizza spread this batter on a hot Tava ( skillet ), Keep slightly thicker layer of batter to make a good pizza base, keep flame on low and let it cook from one side. Now apply little butter and turn the base.

5. Now add chopped vegetables, butter, Pizza topping, mayonnaise and in last add grated cheese on top of this, and close it with a lid and keep it on low flame.

Healthy and tasty dosa pizza is ready to eat. See video for this healthy and yummy recipe, also let me know feedback if you liked the recipe… 🙂

Video : Dosa Pizza Recipe

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