Review Intex Tent House and Suggested Games


Every child is different in one or other way, but the common thing among all the children is that kids love to play… ha ha. A very popular game of kids is Peekaboo. Kids enjoy a lot in this.

In this game we (parents or elder) sibling have to hide our-self behind any curtain, cloth, or any object and suddenly come out and say Peekaboo or Thappa. Try this game, starting with the age of 6 month, every child enjoys this game. At the age of 6 month a child can’t speak,but her expressiveness grows tremendously at this time. So when you hide your face even behind a face towel and suddenly reappear in front of her, the joy at her face and smiling, laughing expressions at his/her face are remarkable. There are lot of other benefits of this game, it stimulates babies senses, her power to identify or observe that where is the object, so increases visual tracking and¬†object permanence.If you have two kids and you want to play them together then this is the best game in my opinion. This game is enjoyed among infants to toddlers. Their bond grows and a child knows how to share any object and play together.

Little Home

One more game very fond of among toddlers is that they want their cozy space and want to make a little home and by observing parents they also feels a little responsible. They will arrange necessary things like toys, some food, a mattress to sleep. For this kids love tent house.

I have 2 kids, one is 3 yr old and other is 7 yr old. Both of them likes to play such type of games.

I also personally like a game or a toy in which both the siblings are involved, they play together and laugh together. So this time I thought of buying a kids tent house on demand of my kids, which will solve the purpose. There are many companies in the market with kids tent house. I wanted to take one that is easy to assemble and again easy to fold. Specious enough to accommodate two kids along with their toys to play inside, also the window should be ideal to play peekboo, which is their favorite game. After some research i zeroed on Intex make kids ten house.

Now i am using this intex tent house for past 6 months and i am happy with the performance.

Main advantages are

  1. Easy to assembly and disassemble. it takes hardly takes 10 minutes time to assemble for a single person.
  2. Compact size. after disassembly it can be placed below bed or sofa. Occupies very small volume.
  3. The cloth (latex / rubber type material) is very durable and sturdy
  4. Tent is having good ventilation, do not suffocate
  5. Specious enough to accommodate two kids and toys
  6. Pipes used for making structure are sturdy and do not flex.
  7. Affordable price


  1. I would suggest intex can also include bottom cloth/ mat along with tent it will add value to the product.
  2. At door curtain a valcro can be added

The making of this tent house is so easy that my kids also enjoy to help me in connecting the pipes and assembly. We just love this activity. If you are also looking such type of toy(Tent house) then just have a look on this video. I am very happy with INTEX tent house and I will give it 5 stars in terms of easy assembly. Here is the method of assembly. If you want to see captions then please enable captions written in English.

You may consider purchasing it from amazon.

Overall it was a good buy


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